Craft of the Week

Thanks to Martha Stewart, we have an incredibly cute craft this week!
Kids don't need to pull any strings to find puppets eager to put on a show. In fact, they can make the chatty creatures themselves. All a young puppeteer needs is a few paper bags, some scraps of colored paper, and a lazy afternoon. 
Achieving the end result -- the troupe of adorable animals here -- is simple; the real challenge lies in perfecting just the right lion, dog, and pig voices.
Lion Puppet How-To1. Cut the mane from construction paper. 
2. Slip bag's bottom into mane's opening to create face. Cut ears and arms from another bag; inner ears, eyes, nose, teeth, and claws from construction paper. 
3. Attach arms to front half of side pleats, ears and teeth under face
Tip: Glue tiny details, such as claws, onto larger pieces before you assemble your new puppet.


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